Black Lives Matter

A female, immigrant entrepreneur’s thoughts. Why I believe All Lives Matter but Black Lives Matter First and they matter now – not tomorrow, not after the November ballot.

Zūm Celebrates Back to School with Expanded Service to Eight New Markets!

The first day of a brand new school year is always a special time for me, both personally and professionally.  As a mother, I’m personally delighted to see my own two children (like over 50 million other students across the country) take that next step in their education and development. It’s wonderful to watch our […]

Zūm Heads Back to School Along with 50 Million Kids

Later this month, my children will join around 50 million other school-aged kids in the United States heading back to school. In California, where Zūm and my family are based, there are about seven million school-aged children. And, if your family is anything like mine, you’re probably preparing for the ‘special’ kind of craziness and […]

Empowering Families for the New School Year

As 34 million families across the country gear up for a busy back-to-school ritual, we’re excited to share some significant milestones that provide us with the opportunity to expand our product and services. We’re thrilled to announce that we recently closed our Series A financing, led by Sequoia Capital — the same team behind phenomenal […]

Carpooling The Easy Way — No More Telephone Tag

One of my biggest challenges is being solved today, and I’m so excited to share it with everyone. For years, I’ve been bogged down with the need to create carpools for my kids but not having the bandwidth to do these quickly and easily. Email or (even worse,) text threads would go on and on […]

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