Reimagining Student Transportation: Our Vision Through 2025 And Beyond

Here at Zum, reinventing student transportation isn’t just a job — it’s deeply personal. As we continue our journey to reimagine a more reliable, sustainable, and safer future for students, parents and teachers, we’re excited to share our larger vision for not just now, but through 2025 and beyond. This includes what we believe are the six key pillars that will be critical in the coming years in order to achieve this vision: flexibility, equity, efficiency, safety, sustainability and community.

“During this period of unprecedented transformation and disruption, we have an opportunity to rethink one of our country’s most iconic institutions—the yellow school bus. Let’s act now to reinvent student transportation for the future that we want to live, learn and travel in. We owe it to our children. We owe it to ourselves.”

Ritu Narayan, Zum Co-Founder and CEO

To read our full vision for the future of student transportation, starting today, visit:

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