Zūm Celebrates Back to School with Expanded Service to Eight New Markets!

The first day of a brand new school year is always a special time for me, both personally and professionally. 

As a mother, I’m personally delighted to see my own two children (like over 50 million other students across the country) take that next step in their education and development. It’s wonderful to watch our kids blossom as they learn and grow and mature in so many exciting ways. Likewise, professionally I’m ecstatic to see Zūm continue to progress and mature as we fulfill our mission to be the leader in safe and reliable rides for children. Now more than ever our communities need a modern approach to transportation that works for schools and families. With student transportation costs rising 75% since 1980, it’s critical that Zūm succeeds in reducing these runaway expenses so money can be better allocated to programs that truly improve education.

I’m proud to share some of the ways Zūm is helping bring about better student transportation as children head back to school:

Zūm is expanding nationwide

As a team, we realize that to achieve our goals we need to bring the advantages of Zūm transportation to every school in every neighborhood. We won’t rest until all children have access to safe rides that are an efficient and enjoyable experience. To this end, we’re expanding Zum in two additional markets in California and six additional states. We’re now providing student transportation for schools in Sacramento and San Diego. This adds to our current offering in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in both Los Angeles and Orange County. Beyond California, I’m proud to share that we’re also now providing student transportation to schools in communities in and around Miami, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and the Washington DC Metro area. 2019 will bring additional markets; we have teams in place in many other cities preparing to roll out Zūm rides. I’ll keep you posted as additional markets are announced.

Zūm introduces new Monthly Packages

To help families get the best pricing on Zūm rides, we’re also kicking off the back-to-school season with revamped Monthly Packages for SF Bay Area service. To offset the costs of demand-based pricing (and help us find a smaller pool of drivers for families), parents can now lock in the best rates by scheduling repeat rides for an upcoming month. To qualify for Monthly Packages, you only need to schedule the same ride three or more times in that month. To help us assign drivers, however, parents must schedule Monthly Packages before the month begins. You can learn more through our Zūm mobile app for iOS or Android.

Zūm is hiring (and has moved into new offices)

To continue creating new features and expanding to new cities, we’re adding new team members every day. This includes our full-time staff at our Redwood City headquarters as well as at regional offices in expansion locations. If you know talented people who would share our passion for helping schools and families, please point them towards our Careers Page. 

Speaking of our Zūm offices, after many months of growth we found ourselves running out of room fast. To give us all elbow room and provide even more room for team expansion, we moved our headquarters. Although we’re in the same building, we now have more than twice the space as before. Finding a conference room for a meeting or a comfortable place for some quiet contemplation is no longer a headache (at least not for a while).

We’re also onboarding more and more Zūm drivers daily, bringing trusted drivers to the Zūm community. It’s only through their dedication to children and safety that we’re able to be successful. Similarly, if you know wonderful people whom you think would be a great Zūmer, feel free to have them apply to drive for Zūm. The rewards are many, from financial to the satisfaction of helping nearby families and schools.

Zūm has now completed 1 million rides

With so many amazing developments happening here at Zūm, it’s no wonder we’re seeing our success multiply. We’ve now driven over one million rides, and we’re currently partnering with 250+ school districts and 4,000+ schools (and counting).

But more important than numbers, behind each of these metrics, is what really matters. Each number represents schools that have more money to spend directly on education, parents who can simplify their lives because children are safely driven where they need to be, children who can accomplish more by safely arriving at school and activities on time and ready to engage, and drivers who can benefit from helping their communities. This is why I originally founded Zūm, and why our team works so hard to continue achieving our mission and building on our success. I speak for all of us when I express how excited we are to help create a future that promises better and more enjoyable transportation.

Let’s work together to make this the best year yet. Welcome back to school everyone!

Ritu Narayan
Founder and CEO at Zūm

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